Qionghai & Bo'ao Hainan Travel Guide-Qionghai & Bo'ao Hainan Sightseeing & Tours, Qionghai & Boao Places of interests.

Bo'ao & Qionghai are not very popular destination for tourists on Hainan Island, so there are many hidden treasure unknown by tourists from Mainland China. To know more about Qionghai & Bo'ao,  life, we would like to recommend the followings, and we are still checking for places of interest worth visit in Qionghai & Boao:


Jiaji Town:  is the center of Qionghai with a history of 2000 years. To know about true Qionghai local life, please visit the town center Yuanheng Street 元亨街, there are some small paths leading to old Qionghai life.


Bo'ao, Jade belt beach  玉带滩:where the three rivers of Wanquan, Jiuqu, and Longgun flow into the South China Sea, a narrow long golden jade belt beach separate the river and the sea, forming the natural landscape, listed in the Guiness record of the world. It's a perfect combination of natural. The beach is in yellow, and rough, very much different from the ones in Sanya. Jade Belt Beach in Boao is 8.5 kilometers long, ranging from 10 meters to 500 meters wide.



Wanquan River 万泉河 (Means ten-thousand-spring river): the third longest river in Hainan Province, and is 162 km long. It rises in the Wuzhishan Mountain, and flows generally northeast turbulently in a narrow route through mountainous regions. About half way downstream, it enters Qionghai. Here the river bed widens and the water flows gently, and on the banks are mostly coconut trees and banana plantations. For its last 30 km, the river makes a southeast turn, and before it empties into the South China Sea at Bo'ao, where it joins the Longgun River and Jiuqu River in a common estuary. The upstream is good for challenging rafting, while the downstream is nice for a leisure sightseeing tour in local boat.





Cai's House 蔡家大院:A big local house built by Mr. Cai Jiasen from Indonesia. It is a comibation of Chinese & Western Architecture.


Tanmen Fishing Port 潭门渔港:it is the biggest fishing port on Hainan Island, rated as first grade fishing port by China's National Agriculture Bureau. Tanmen Fishing Port is also the biggest Distribution center  of deep ocean products in Hainan.

There are about 20000 fishermen living here in this fishing port. They like to go fishing very far away from home to Xisha Island and Nansha Islands, about 500 KM away. They could reach there in 48 hours as they are very familiar with this area.


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