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Tropical climate assures Hainan Island China the best choice for golfing in China all year around. Based on Hainan Island, we have checked all Sanya & Haikou Hainan Island Golf Clubs listed here, and offer the best Golfing Packages in Haikou, Boao, Shenzhou Peninsula Hainan Island including World Class Haikou Hainan Island Mission Hills, Sanya Sun Valley Golf Club, Sanya Yalong Bay Golf Club Sanya with a combination of private transfers, hotels, some local tours and sightseeing.  Instead of searching blindly on the Internet for hours, days, or even weeks for best money golf courses or golf clubs close to your hotel, why don't you just drop a short email ( to a real person who has been living on Hainan Island over 20 years with personal experiences and local knowledge?


Sanya and its surrounding in the southern part of Hainan Isalnd is good for golfing all year around, and perfect during winter time (November-March). While Haikou and its surrounding area including the east coast could be wet and chilly in winter time (December-February).


Golf Clubs in Sanya Hainan Island and its surrounding area:

Sun Valley Golf Club Sanya/Golfing Packages in Sanya Sun Valley

Yalong Bay Golf Club Sanya/Golfing Packages in  Sanya Yalong Bay

Luhuitou Golf Club Sanya/Golfing Packages Sanya Luhuitou Golf Club

Clear Water Bay Sanya/Golfing Packages in Sanya Clear Wate Bay Golf Club

Sanya Forest Valley Golf Club/Golfing Packages in Sanya Forest Valley

Dragon Valley Club Sanya/Golfing Packages in Sanya Dragon Valley Golfing Golf Club

Sanya Mystic Springs Golf Club/Golfing Packages in Sanya Miystic Springs Golf Club

Sanya Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Club/Golfing Packages in Sanya Jianlake Blue Bay Golf Club

Qixianling Rainforest Club Baoting/Golfing Packages in Baoting Qixianling Rainforest Golf Club


Golf Clubs in Haikou Hainan Island and its surrouding area:

Mission Hills Haikou Golfing Club/Golfing Packages in Mission Hills Haikou Golf Club Meishi May Flower Club Haikou/Golfing Packages in Meishi May Flower Golf Club Haikou

Haikou Meilan Golf Club/Golfing Packages in Haikou Meilan Golf Club

West Coast Golf Club Haikou/Golfing Packages in Haikou West Coast Golf Club


Golf Clubs along the east coast of Hainan Island

Boao Asia Forum Golf Club Bo'ao Hainan/Golfing Packages in Boao Asia Forum Golf Club

Kangle Resort Golf Club Xinglong/Golfing Packages in Kangle Resort Golf Club Xinglong Golf Club

Shenzhou Peninsula Golf Club/Golfing Packages in Shenzhou Peninsula Golf Club

Wenchang Golf Club/Golfing Packages in Wenchang Golf Club


Planning a golf trip to Hainan Island, don't know where to start? Haikou or Sanya? Please check out our recommended golfing packages in Sanya, Haikou, and Sanya + Haikou with east coast Hainan Island.

3 Days Golfing Package in Haikou Hainan Island

3 Days Golfing Package in Sanya Hainan Island

4 Days Golfing Package in Haikou & Sanya Hainan Island

5 Days Golfing Package in Haikou, Boao/Wanning & Sanya Hainan Island

5 Days Golfing Package in Haikou, Sanya and The Dunes Shenzhou Peninsula 

7 Days Golfing Package in Haikou, Boao, Baoting & Sanya Hainan Island


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