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There are many places to visit, but not all are worth visit, some are purposely designed to group tourists with high commissions to tour guides. As we are based on Hainan Island, we would like to recommend the followings after our personal survey for a true visit:

Hainan Volcano Park (火山口), Old Haikou Town (海口老街)The Temple of Five Lords五公祠,Hainan Provincial Museum(海南省博物馆), & Hainan Impression Show







观澜湖火山岩温泉Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs:

5 continental mineral springs, huge indoor and out door hot springs, swimming pools, water slides and more, an experience you should not miss in Haikou.



Hainan Volcano Park火山口地质公园:


Located in the west of Haikou city, about 30 minutes driving from downtown Haikou. Hainan Volcano Park is China's first volcano-themed national geo-park. Hainan is also home to nearly every variety of volcanoes in the world.
The volcano-themed park boasts the sites of more than 40 volcanoes and 30 volcanic caves. Vegetation, soil, lava, mineral water and hot spring are the five treasures in the volcanic area. The volcanoes in Hainan are the best preserved volcano heritage in China.
According to geologists'' textual research, the volcanic eruption in Northern Hainan started from early Tertiary period of Kainozoic era (about 65,000 thousand years ago), and lasted till the Holocene of Quaternary period (about 13 thousand years ago). After great changes of sea and land for thousands of years, 36 conical craters remain, of which Fenglu Ridge with an elevation of 222.8 meters is the highest peak in Northern Hainan.
With rich volcanic resources such as beautiful volcanoes, magic karts caves, as well as perfect ecology, pleasant climate, sweet spring water, fresh air and etc, Hainan Volcano Park is a good place worth visit during your stay in Haikou.

How to get to Hainan Volcano Park: Hainan Volcano Park is located in the west of Haikou City, around 30 minutes driving from downtown Haikou by taxi at around CNY100/way, Tour Bus A will take you there too at only CNY10/person/way. If you stay in hotels on Haixiu Road, please take taxi first to Binhai Avenue(滨海大道)to catch the tour bus to Hainan Volcano Park. The entrance fee is RMB25/person. For lunch, please don't miss Lamb there, the best on Hainan Island, the popular restaurant is Lixiang Restaurant 荔乡酒家


Wugong Temple/The Temple of Five Lords五公祠:


The Temple of Five Lords (Five Officials' Temple or Wugong Ci in Chinese), are approximately 5 kilometers from the centre of Haikou City, and were originally constructed during the reign of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It was renovated on several occasions during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Now, it is a place known for its sense of peace, tranquility and beauty. After many years of renovation and development, the existing Temple of Five Lords are now an attractive ancient architectural complex that mainly include the Five Lords Ancestral Hall, the Sugong Memorial Temple, Hairui and Fubo memorial temples, Guanjia Tang (Watching Crop Hall) and Xuepu Tang (Studying Hall).


Haikou Qilou Old Street:海口骑楼老街:


Haikou Old Street is always the center of Haikou life even till now. Haikou Qilou Old Street, also called  Chinese arcade houses, form the Haikou's most exotic landscapes. With its origins in ancient Greece some 2000 years ago, arcade architecture was introduced into Haikou by overseas Chinese merchants from Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia in the 1920s. A Qilou stands basically three or four storey's in height, with the ground floor set back halfway into the building, to be used as stores & shops. Now Haikou Qilou Old Street is still the main shopping & dining street in Haikou. A visit to Haikou Qilou Street will show you the true Haikou life.


Hainan Provincial Museum 海南省博物馆:


So far the biggest  and the only comprehensive museum on Hainan Island, Hainan Provincial Museum was built in 2008 though Hainan has been a province under central government since 1988. Hainan Provincial Museum has 4 exhibition halls: Hainan Relics, Hainan Culture & History, History & Culture of Hainan Minority and Hainan Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is free for all visitors all year around. Please note Hainan Provincial Museum is closed on Mondays


Impression Hainan Show 海南印象: An acclaimed director's artistic interpretation of Hainan life. (Closed temporarily)


“Impression Hainan” is the latest live theatre performance from the acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou, the architect of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies and award winning films “House of Flying Daggers” and “Hero.”
As the first and only ocean staged live performance in China, “Impression Hainan” represents the essence of Hainan life – the history, uniqueness, ocean, flora and local traditions – featuring over 250 performers, made up of local boys and girls with an average age of 19 and displaying a wide variety of dance, costumes, fireworks, videos combined with stage design and enchanting lighting displays all on an open air stage with views of the ocean some 50m away.
Show Time: :20:30-21:40 Daily

Impression Hainan Island Tickets Prices( Based on the distance & view to the main stage):
Standard Ticket RMB168/person, VIP ticket RMB228/person, Top VIP: RMB550. Child less than 1.1 meters get free entrance with adult, 50% price of adults for child between 1.1 and 1.4 meters in height. Child higher than 1.4 meters must pay adult prices. Standard Ticket is enough for the show.

How to get to the Impression Hainan Island Theater: free shuttle bus from Haikou Mingzhu Department (明珠广场)store on Haixiu Road at 6pm and 7pm from Haikou Hotel. Other buses: No.28,37,40 and 50

How to make reservation: Please email to sunnysanyasophia@gmail.com to make reservation. Let us know how many persons (adult & child ) and the date you wan to enjoy show, then we will make reservation for you, and you pay upon arrival at the Theater and get the tickets there.


Haikou Hainan Day Tours, Day tours in Haikou, Haikou Places of Interest, Day Tour in Haikou