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Cheap Hotels in Haikou Hainan Island

We are based on Hainan Island, so we don't simply copy & paste information, but checked all Haikou Hotels listed here with our personal reviews.

Haikou is the capital of Hainan Island located in the very north of Hainan Island. It is the business and culture center of Hainan Island, but not the best choice for beach holiday on Hainan Island. We selected the following resorts and hotels for your business trip & leisure trip in Haikou Hainan Island.


There are mainly 3 areas in Haikou Hainan Island for hotel selections: The old Downtown Haikou (Haixiu Road), the new business district Guomao Area and West Coast.


The hotels in Downtown Haikou enjoys easy access to shopping streets, local restaurants, bus station and 40 minutes to Haikou Meilan Airport, but it is the busiest part of Haikou, heavy traffic. For tours, business trip, friends gathering stay, we strongly recommend hotels in downtown Haikou which are located maily on Haixiu Dong Road, Dadong Road, Longhua Road, and Longkun Road. The 4 roads make up the shopping and dining center of Hainan Island. It is really very convenient for your friends, relatives or business partners to meet you in your hotel if you stay in downtown Haikou. Recommended Hotels in Downtown Haikou: Haikou Mingguang Hotel, Haikou New Oscar Hotel, Haikou Wuzhishan International Hotel, Haikou Hotel, Sun City Hotel.

Guomao Area is the new business area in Haikou with more office buildings, good restaurants and nice shops. The biggest restaurant collection is on Jinlong Road. The good thing is the whole area is not too busy in the evening and it is easy to get around on foot or by taxi So it is a good idea to stay in Guomao area if you wish to be away from the crowd in old Downtown Haikou. Recommended Hotels in Guomao Area: Haikou Junhua Haiyi Hotel,Haikou Baohua Harbor View Hotel, Haikou Baofa Happiness Hotel

West Coast: The hotels in West Coast are at higher standards compared with the hotels in Downtown Haikou with better facilities, gardens, pools at higher rates. The surrounding areas are quite and nice, close to beach (but the beach quality is far from the beaches in Sanya Hainan Island) and the two main golf clubs in Haikou, Hainan Mayflower Golf club and West Coast Golf Club. It takes around 30 minutes from the west coast to Haikou Meilan Airport and 30 minutes to downtown center of Haikou. Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center is located on Binhai Road, West Coast. So if you are coming to conventions and exhibitions held in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, please book hotels on West Coast Haikou. Those hotels are: Shangri-La Hotel Haikou, Hainan Golden Sunshine Tide Hotspring Resort, just next to Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Sheraton Haikou Resort, about 5 minutes driving distance from Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center


For Deluxe beach front resort in Haikou


Mission Hills Resort & Golfing Club: a full serviced hotel with wonderful rooms, spas, the best golf clubs on Hainan Island & shopping center, an excellent choice for one stop holiday on Hainan Island, about 15 minutes from Haikou Airport, 30 minutes from Downtown Haikou.


Shangri-La Hotel Haikou: Right on the West Coast Beach, next to Haikou International Convention Center, 10 minutes drive from Haikou Railway Station and a 45 minutes drive from Haikou International Airport, 25 minutes driving to down town Haikou.



Sheraton Haikou Resort: Right on the West Coast Beach with nice pools & hot spring. 20 minutes driving to downtown Haikou, 30 minutes to Haikou Airport, and walking distance to West Coast Golf Club, your No.1 choice for an international resort in Haikou.


For Deluxe City Hotels in Haikou

Hilton Haikou    

Haikou Mingguang Hotel: The Newest five star business hotel in downtown Haikou with proper western breakfast, night club, bars. Your stay is guaranteed for 24 hours, so you don't have to check out before 12 noontime, but may stay for min. 24 hours till midnight if you check in midnight


For Moderate Holiday in Haikou

  Haikou Lime Holiday Hotel: right in the city center Haixiu Road, where is the most popular shopping center of Haikou, 40 minutes from Haikou Airport and 10 minutes to Haikou East Train Station where you take express train to Sanya, steps away from the commercial center.
  Haikou Tianyi Donghuan Hotel: Super new 4 star hotel, walking distance to Haikou East Train Station, 20 minutes driving distance to Haikou Meilan Airport, good choice for guest who want to catch the early morning train.
  Haikou New Oscar Hotel: Well maintained 4 star local  hotel with simple western breakfast, cheaper than Wuzhizhan Hotel, right on Haixiu Road, the commercial center. The surrounding area is very busy and crowded, so you may get lost during the first day.


For Budget Stay in Haikou


Haikou Hotel: the first 4 star in Haikou, located  on Haixiu Road, the shopping & transportation center of Haikou. The surrounding area is very busy & crowded, but easy for everything you need: shops, restaurants, bars. 


Sun City Hotel : a local 4 star hotel on Longhua Road, steps away from Jiefang Road & Boao Road, the old commercial center of Haikou, still the center of true Haikou local life. It is easy to visit local restaurants, bars, shops from Sun City Hotel by feet 


Hotels in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Island, Haikou Hotels Hainan Island, Cheap Hotels in Haikou Hainan Island