Xinglong  Hainan Island Local Sightseeing, Local Tours, Places to Visit in Xinglong Hainan

Xinglong  is a popular destination for group tourists on Hainan Island who stay over night for dinner & shemale show in the evening, and visit some sites purposely for groups, but there are still some hidden treasure unknown by group tourists from Mainland China, we would like to recommend the following:


Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden 兴隆热带植物园:Xinglong Tropical Botanic Garden is one place that can't be missed in Xinglong Hainan Island which is the biggest Tropical Botanic Garden covers around 340,000 sq. meters. It is not only a famous tourism place, but also the biggest tropical agriculture and flavor research institute of China. It really deserves the name of "tropical plant encyclopedia" with more than 1,200 kinds of plans growing inside. To name some, there are antiar tree, eucalypt, teak, spindle tree fir, bread tree, cocoa tree, pepper plants and vanilla etc. There is a big supermarket with products by Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden at reasonable prices.

There is no public transportations to reach Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, you have to take tuktuk from Xinglong town at around CNY10/way, walking distance is around 3KM from Xinglong Town Center. Admission fee is CNY65/person.




Xinglong Tropical Garden兴隆热带花园:Xinglong Tropical Garden is located in Southeast Hainan Province. The natural and harmonious surroundings, along with the magnificent rainforests, tropical gardens and horticulture parks, are now natural reserves and protected area. In the nearly 1,000-acre Xinglong Tropical Garden, you will find a luxuriant vegetation of tropical rainforests including countless varieties of colorful, exotic and rare flowers. Surrounded by flourishing greeneries, fresh air, and breathtaking scenic beauty, Xinglong Tropical Garden is really an enchanting and mystical spot.
After 20 years of laborious work, the Tropical Garden started to take shape, and living organism and vegetation started unceasingly to take roots and reproduce. Nowadays, you can find more than 4,000 varieties of plants in the Garden. Xinglong Tropical Garden has been devoting to conserving, protecting, and freeing of all wild animals, insects, fauna, and migratory birds and maintaining their natural habitats. There are nearly 60 types of birds found in the tropical garden. There are also wild rabbits, fox, monkeys, snakes, bats and many other wild living creatures.
Xinglong Tropical Garden’s achievement in restoring, conserving and protecting this natural and harmonious environment is now a showcase not only to China but to the rest of the world. With the development and promotion of tourism in Hainan, Xinglong Tropical Garden has earned its name as a “must-see” scenic spot for all tourists visiting this island.





Xinglong Hot Spring 兴隆温泉: The hot spring is another tourists’ attraction in Xinglong Hainan Island. It is said that the hot spring bath has the curative effects for those with skin diseases, arthritis and other illnesses. The average temperature is 60°C all year round. The area has been famous for its mineral hot spring for centuries, from which nowadays the hotels piped water directly into the rooms at regulated temperature.



Xinglong Wanning Beaches: There are a few beaches in Wanning near Xinglong, Sun Moon Bay or Riyuebay is empty beach for surfing & camping, Shimei Bay is excellent choice for world class resort, Shenzhou Peninsula is still under construction with 2 hotels in operation.



Local specials in Xing Long Hainan Island:
Coffee and tea are very two economic crops in Xing Long. Although the locally grown coffee is not well-known internationally, many travelers to the area still compare the coffee to the fine coffees of Brazil and Columbia. The most famous teas are Bitter Tea, Rice Tea and Vanilla Tea. The best place to buy them is in Xinglong Tropical Garden.


Typical Xinglong Breakfast with coffee.

Xinglong  Hainan Island Local Sightseeing, Local Tours, Places to Visit in Xinglong  Hainan Island, Confusions' Temple in Xinglong  Hainan Island, Ancestral Home of Madam Soong Ching-Ling in Xinglong  Hainan Island

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Xinglong  Hainan Island Local Sightseeing, Local Tours, Places to Visit in Xinglong Hainan