Xinglong  Hainan Island Tours Packages, Places to Visit in Xinglong Hainan

Xinglong is far from Sanya & Haikou, and there is not much to do for a long stay. So we combine Xinglong & Sanya so you could make day trips to Xinglong even if you don't stay over night in Xinglong. We have 2 packages with Xinglong, one is Botanical Garden or Tropical Garden with Nantian Hot Spring, the other is Monkey Islet & Botanical Garden or tropical garden.


Monkey Islet & Tropical Garden or Botanical Garden:

Visit to the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and Monkey Island makes a great day trip for family with kids. Wandering through the garden's verdant paths, you'll discover indigenous flora, fauna and fruits, while at Monkey Island you can get up close and personal with our modern day ancestors.

Located in the Nan wan Peninsula within one hour driving from Sanya, the Monkey Island is about 60 minutes driving from Sanya. There are about 1500 wild monkeys on the island in 28 groups with one king of each group. 

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden-the very first one in China
Located in Xinglong within one hour and half driving from Sanya, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden was built in 1957 covering an area of 400,000 sq. meters with 1200 tropical plants.
It will be a wonderful experience to know what Coco, coffee, peppers and many other plants we may never see them before look like before you have them in your cups.

Cost & Remark of the day tour package:

The tour will take one day (9am-6pm), our best tour package offer is RMB580/person (Min.4 persons) including Round trip transfer by private car, admission fee, one local lunch & English speaking driver. Please book at least 48 hours in advance, subject to confirmation.



Day Trip to Xinglong Tropical Garden & Nantian Hot Spring:

It is very popular in China to enjoy hot spring on their vacations as Asians believe that hot spring has a lot special effects on many diseases but it takes a long time. A day tour to Hot Spring is a way of relaxing. Nantian Hot Spring is about 30 minutes driving from Sanya.

Cost & Remarks: It costs CNY600/person, min. 4 persons/trip for the above trip with English speaking driver, local lunch, entrance fee and round trip transportation. We start at 08:30 from your hotel, the tour finishes around 6pm. We have chance to drive through Lingshui Town where you could view the local life. Lunch will be very local in Xinglong Town after the Botanical Garden tour.

Please book 2 days in advance before 5pm, subject to availability and final confirmation. The day tour to Botanical Garden & Hot Spring is a good option if it is cloudy or chilly in Sanya during your trip.


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Xinglong  Hainan Island Tours Packages, Places to Visit in Xinglong Hainan