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Based in Sanya Hainan Island, we don't simply copy and past information from the hotel sales offices or webpage, but have checked all the hotels & resorts personally and recommend hotels & resorts with better money value on the same beach.



Sanya Hotels & Resorts

Haikou Hainan Resorts & Hotels 

Boao Qionghai Hainan Resorts & Hotels
Tropical Rainforest Resorts Wuzhishan
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Xinglong Wanning Hainan Island & Resorts

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Besides normal hotels/resorts, we would like to recommend specials ones: 

Sanya Guest Houses or Apartments for big family or long term rental

Your Private Villas in Sanya Hainan                             

Sanya Nanshan Buddhism Hotel with great vegetarian food

Sanya Beachfront Bungalow for a romantic gateway

For more information or reservation, please email to to check with Caddie Lu, Sanya Travel Expert. For an urgent booking, please call her at 0086-13807535200.

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