Sanya Fishing Village Tour, Day Trip to Fishing Village, Day Tour to Lingshui Fishing Village to experience the true life of the local fisherman.

The Fishing Village in our tour is located in Xincun Town Hainan, about 1.5 hours drive from Sanya, a true local life experience: The Dan people who live all their lives on the small boats. It is steps away from the monkey islet.



The fishing village is not tourist destination. Hainan Joy Tours & Travel Service is the only travel agency on Hainan Island who promotes this fishing village as destination for day tour as we want to show you the true life of the local fishermen.

The ride to the fishing village is also interesting, you will see many local plants, animals, kids after school on their ways, locals working in very local ways......

The tour will take like half day (5 hours) at CNY500/person (min. 4 persons) with private transportation, boat ride in the fishing village, a visit to a very local market, real fresh seafood lunch on a floating restaurant and English speaking staff.
For 2 persons, the cost is CNY700/person, for 3 persons, the cost is CNY600/person. If you wish to have an English speaking guide, it costs CNY600/day.


If you wish to visit the monkey islet, it costs CNY188/person more for the entrance fee & cable car ride to the islet from the fishing village.

Please book at least one day in advance before 5pm by email to or to make easy booking by phone call: +86-1380-7535-200.

More on the The Dan (Egg Shell) People who live in the fishing village:
They are fishermen living along the east coast of China, mainly from Yangjiang, Fanyu, Shunde and Nanhai in Guangdong province. Now there are Eggshell Fisherman living also in Beijing Guangxi Province and Hainan. They make a living by offshore fishing.
They don’t own big boats, so can’t go far away for fishing, just fish offshore area with small boats, or use fishing cages and nets.
Some people say they are called Eggshell because they live in floating boats which look like eggshells floating on the water. But the Eggshell themselves say: they live all their lives on the sea, no safe guarantee, very fragile, like an eggshell.
Historical research shows that the Eggshell Fish men are the decedents of the ancient yue people living the southern part of China, the best sailors in China, so they are also called Gypsy on the sea.

Till the last dynasty of China the Qing which lasted until 1911, the Eggshell people lived a very hard life, they were not allowed to stay on the land, no houses on land, no schoolings, no marriage with land people. So Eggshell People was a code word of bullying.
But they worked very hard to make a living on the sea, and reclaimed land from the sea . They cultivated in the salty water, and made living by fish farm in floating cages
Nowadays, some Dan Eggshell fisherman buy property on land, and they still prefer their old style of life by farm fishing in floating cages and off shore fishing.
Salty Water Song is intangible Culture Heritage by Gongdong Provincial Government, mainly love songs, no written form, just by orals from one generation to the next.
As they moved from Dongdong province, their main language is Cantonese, some Eggshell People in Sanya speak local dialect.
They believe in Buddshim, and Mazu ,the mother god of the se. Actually, she was a real
Lady living in the Song Dynasty, about 1200 years ago in China. She was awarded by the
center government for her kindness and good deeds to the local people. So the coasta people built temple to worship her, and now Mazu is widely worshipped in the coastal area of China especially
Among the fishermen. Every year, before the fish men start to go fishing after fishing moratorium, there is always big ceremony by the fishermen. Now Mazu Culture is listed by UNESCO as world intangible Culture Heritage

Sanya Fishing Village Tour, Day Trip to Fishing Village, Day Tour to Lingshui Fishing Village to experience the true life of the local fisherman.