Sanya Hainan Island Surfing Trips, Surfing on Sanya Hainan East Coast, Sanya Surfing Tour

From September until March, we get consistent NE swells on Hainan's east coast. There are lots of different breaks along the long stretch of beautiful beaches. Point breaks, beach breaks, and shore breaks are all available. We will take you to Hainan's better-known breaks, as well as a few hidden spots.
Day Trips - Includes a van from Sanya to the east coast breaks and back, surf guide, boards and equipment, and lessons if needed.


We have found the best beaches in Hainan for learning how to surf, and keep a steady eye on the conditions to ensure that our students learn in a comfortable environment.

Our hands-on instruction ensures our students learn the fundamentals of surfing in a safe and fun manner. Water safety and knowledge is an important part of the experience. We show you how to handle yourself and your board in the water, as well as teach you about waves and surf conditions.

While surfing is a complex sport that can take a lifetime to master, anybody with a decent level of physical fitness and determination can be sure to be standing and riding waves within the first day.

CNY350/person is for a two hour lesson, including surfboard and rash guard/wetsuit as needed. An additional CNY50 to use the surfboard for the rest of the day, so total CNY400/day.


We have a wide selection of short boards, long boards, and stand up paddleboards. Our surfboard rentals are CNY40  per hour or CNY100 per day, and our SUPs are CNY50 per hour or CNY150 per day.


To get  day surfing lesson, the best is to take our private transportation to Riyuebay, the best surfing beach along the east cost of Hainan Island. It costs CNY800/day for max. 6 adults.


Sanya Hainan Island Surfing Trips, Surfing on Sanya Hainan East Coast, Sanya Surfing Tour