Sanya Day Tour to Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park & Nanhai Guanyin Buddha & West Islet

One of the largest cultural tourist attractions of its kind in China, the colorful Nanshan Cultural Excursion Zone, located just 40 km west of Sanya City along the Hainan West-line Expressway, is in fact, three separate theme parks rolled into one. Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park & Nanhai Guanyin Buddha is a window on China's traditional Buddhism culture; the Felicity and Longevity Culture Park shines its light on an atmosphere of peace and harmony; and the Nanhai Cultural Customs Park highlights China's diverse social customs. Key features of the zone include the three-sided statue of Buddha, Buddhist temples, superior landscaping and sea views. The new highlight is the Nanhai Guanyin Buddha on the sea (108 meters in height).


You must visit Nanshan Culture Center for the following reasons even if you have no interest in Buddhism:
1. The Nanhai Guanine Buddha on the sea is the highest on the ocean which you could see from airport when you land Sanya.
2. The beautiful gardens layout and many cherished tropical plants.
3. Very special vegetarian food.


West Islet:

Located not far from downtown Sanya, West Islet itself is a natural fishing village with 3000 people living on fishing for generations and covers 2.8 square kilometers. In 2001, Sanya government developed the front part of it as tourists’ attraction. To reach islet, you must take a speed boat which takes around 10 minutes. There are bigger boats for transfer, but a speed boat is more fun.

 West Islet has blue & clear water, fresh air, soft sandy beach with good visibility for fishing & snorkeling. There are also lots of water sports you could join like scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, banana boat & jet ski. There are also a few restaurants for seafood & local food.



Private Day Tour to Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park  & West Islet with vegetarian lunch:
Our private tour offer is CNY650/person with round trip transfers, entrance fees, vegetarian buffet lunch and battery car in Nanshan & ferry to West island, min. 4 persons/trip.  Please book at least one day in advance before 3pm by email to or to make easy booking by phone call: +86-138-0753-5200. If you wish to have an English interpreter, it costs CNY400/day.

Sanya Hainan Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park & Nanhai Guanyin Buddha, Day Tour Sanya Hainan Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park & Nanhai Guanyin Buddha