Yacheng Old Town,  Private Day Trip to Yacheng/Yanzhou Old Town



Yazhou Old Town is located 40 kilometers west of Sanya City, near Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park. It was said that Ancient Yazhou Wall was built with mixed earth & grass as first, in the year 1198 of Nan Song Dynasty (1127-1297), local people started to build the walls with bricks. Yanzhou had been an economic & political center of south Hainan from Qin Dynasty (BC221-BC206) until October, 1954 when the administrative center was moved to Sanya, a fishing village.


From Song Dynasty onward (960-1279), many famous politicians, writers were exiled from Mainland China. In Tang Dynasty (618-907), the famous monk Jian Zhen intended to visit Japan 5 times by boat but failed. At 5th time, his group was stopped by typhoon and then they drifted to Ningyuan River near Yazhou. During his stay in Yazhou, he helped local people to rebuild Dayuan Temple and left a lot of Buddhist scriptures.

At the end of Song Dynasty (960-1279), the famous Female textiler Huang Daopo moved to Shuinan Village in Yanzhou and stayed for nearly 30 years. She learnt textile technology from the local people. She went back to her home town Wunijing Town (now Huajing Town of Shanghai) and taught her textile technology to her fellows.  So Huangdaopo is respected as the ancestor of the texitile industry.



Cost & Remark:

Day trip cost is CNY500/person, min.4 persons/trip to share the transportation, local lunch in a local family and English speaking staff for interpretation. It costs extra CNY200/person for group with 2-3 persons/trip. If you wish to a professional guide, it costs CNY600/day. The tour will take about 5 hours; We will also see and experience the real life of local people and visit a very local market. After lunch we will visit Yazhou Fishing Port, or local fruits tree field if you meet mango season or Areca tree field and some vegetable fields.


Please book at least one day in advance before 3pm by email to caddie@sunnysanya.com or to make easy booking by phone call: +86-1380-7535-200.


Sanya Day Tour Options to Yacheng Old Town,  Private Day Trip to Yacheng Old Town