Wenchang Hainan Island Local Sightseeing, Local Tours, Places to Visit in Wenchang Hainan

Wenchang is not a popular destination for tourists on Hainan Island, so there are many hidden treasure unknown by tourists from Mainland China. To know more about Wenchang life, we would like to recommend the followings:


Wenchang Town: Wenchang Town has a history of 2000 years. To know about true Wenchang life, please visit the city center area along the river: yanjiang road and dongfeng road. There are some small paths leading to Wenchang life.


Wenchang Stone Park石头公园: it is a place rarely known by visitors. Located near Tongguling, about half an hour driving from Wenchang. There are thousands of stones in different sizes, shapes, colors and position, all naturally by wind and storm. There is also empty beach with one one around. There is no public transportations available so far,  so you have to book a taxi in advance. Entrance fee is around CNY30/person.


Coconut Park椰子大观园:  world of coconuts and a botanical garden in Wenchang where you could buy a lot of different products made of coconut.


Bamen Bay Mangrove Tree Forest 八门湾红树林:ocean rainforest covers an area of 20 sq. km meters. It has the most collections of mangrove trees in China. The entrance fee costs CNY25/way, it is easy to get there by local buses.



Wenchang Confusions Temple文昌孔庙 was built in the year of 1042-1048 during the Song Dynasty. It was rebuilt in Min Dynasty in 1375 and was repaired many times in Qing Dynasty. It is the best kept ancient building in Wenchang Hainan Island.



There is an saint spring in Confusions' Temple. The locals believe that students drinking the spring  will become very smart and get good marks in all exams.

Ancestral Home Madam Soong Ching-Ling: The old house of Madam Sonng Ching-ling's family is located at Changsha Town Wenchang Hainan Island. Soong Ching-ling's Great-Grand Father, Grand Father lived here. Her father Mr. Soong was born here in 1861.


To memorize the great contributions her family made to China, The Wenchang Government rebuilt Soong Ching-Lings' Home, with a big statue of Madam Soong Ching-ling. There is an exhibition room where you will see many old pictures of Madam Soong Ching-Ling.  If you don't read Chinese, then it is a big challenge as all the exhibitions are in Chinese only. If you are interested in Chinese history, it will be a good trip for you to know all the most important people in the past 100 years.


Dongjiao Coconut Groves (东郊椰林). A beautiful quiet spot to spend a few days. Across from the bus station in Wenchang is a local bus stop which has buses that will take you to a ferry crossing to Huang Qiu Pier (环球码头). From the pier, take a 3 kilometer tuk tuk ride to the Dongjiao. There are a good number of basic guesthouses and restaurants along with a resort on the sea. English is not spoken, but the local people are friendly and eager to help. Dongjiao Yelin is resided mostly by farmers and fishers and the area, like many other places in Wenchang, is fairly unaffected by tourism. It is among some of the most silent touristy spot you could see in Hainan. People are accommodating and many tourism-related annoyances are almost unheard of. While Dongjiao Yelin has some very basic groceries stores and one quite primitive internet cafe, you may need to take a bus (around 10 km) to Dongjiao Town for some (relatively) more choices on food and groceries items.





Tongguling 铜鼓岭provides an easy escape from the busy downtown of Wenchang and have a stunning view on the coastline of Hainan island covered by hundreds of thousands of coconut trees. At Wenchang Bus Station, take a 1-hour bus to Longlou 龙楼 and change a tuk tuk taxi to Tonggu. The drivers will either take you to the entrance of Tonggu or up to the submit . The road is well-constructed and paved and it only takes 40 minute walk to go to the top. To avoid troubles, you better arrange when the drivers should take you back to Longlou. The last bus from Longlou to Wenchang leaves at 7pm but taxi can be found anytime.



What to eat in Wenchang:
Wenchang Chicken - thanks to the influence of overseas Chinese from Hainan, this is one of the most famous chicken dish in Chinese cuisine. Poached by warm chicken broth, the chicken is tender and tasty.


Tea house 茶馆 - Hainan is famous for its pervasive teahouse scenes. They are affordable for everyone but don't expect much on sanitation and cleanness. If you don't know how to get one, ask your hotel owner "附近有茶馆嗎?"( Fujin you chaguan ma? ) and they will be eager to show you one. Grab a cup of coffee and a slice of bread or cake for less than CNY10.

Baoluo noodles
抱罗粉 - The rice noodles are soaked with a thick sauce traditionally served with beef jerky on top. Usually served at breakfast & lunch, it is easy to get good Baoluo Noodles along Yanjiang Road. Caddie Lu still misses the Baoluo rice noodles she had for breakfast. She finishes 2 bowls.


Wenchang Restaurants:

There are many small restaurants with good, Caddie would like to recommend this one personally:

Qiong cai wang 琼菜王美食村 which is located right across the street from Wenchang Waika Hotel.



Wenchang Hainan Island Local Sightseeing, Local Tours, Places to Visit in Wenchang Hainan