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Based in Hainan Island China, we offer updated Wenchang Hainan Island Travel Guide after our personal trips: Transportation Guide from Haikou Meilan Airport/Sanya to Wenchang, Hotels/Resorts in Wenchang Hainan Island, and Day Tours/Sightseeing packages in Wenchang Hainan Island.

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General Information on Wenchang Hainan Island:

Wenchang 文昌 meaning prosperous is located in the northeast of Hainan Island, 63 KM to Haikou, Capital of Hainan Island, 40 KM to Haikou Meilan Airport, and 270KM to Sanya with a total population of 600 thousand. The local dialect Hainan is based on Wenchang Dialect. Wenchang is also well-known as the home of millions of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asian, biggest production base of coconuts. It has a total area of 2400 Sq.Kilometers with a coast line of 207 KM.


The past 10 years saw a great change in Wenchang's economy and tourism development. Before the opening of Sanya Airport in 1994, all the tour groups visited Wenchang first night, second night in Xinglong, Third night in Sanya, and the last night in Haikou. But since the completion of Sanya Airport and highway along the east coast of Hainan Islan which doesn't pass by Wenchang, many group tours skipped Wenchang which made Wenchang a very quite place. Most visitors are from Haikou or overseas Chinese who visit their relatives/ancestral home and friends in Wenchang during their Hainan Island Trip. But the easy connection by high speed train along the east coast of Hainan Island, Wenchang is getting popular.


The city is not as "modern" and booming as Sanya. It is rather like a showcase on the lifestyle of ordinary Hainanese. With only 600,000 residents there, it is home to 1.2 million overseas Chinese mainly resided in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These immigrants brought home with their unique lifestyle. During the day, people enjoy hanging out in a (kinda) cafe with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. At nights, they may play table tennis, sing KTV and dance Tango in Wenchang Park. The city also has a huge coconut plantation with more than 500,000 trees shadowing the beach resort area. The water quality is not as clear as certain beaches in Sanya, but the area is largely unspoiled by tourism. Tourism-related scams and crimes are almost unheard of. The friendliness of local people have made it an appealing alternative to Sanya.



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