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Sanya Hainan Island is part of China, so your single-entry visa for China is also valid for Sanya Hainan Island. For example, you got single entry visa to China and entered China in Beijing. From Beijing, you could fly to Sanya, no request for visa. Then you could also travel back to Beijing or any other cities on Mainland China, no request for visa.

Landing Visa at Haikou & Sanya Airport: Sanya Hainan Island is open to the whole world. Visitors who wish to stay within Sanya Hainan Island for 15 days on business or pleasure from countries and regions with diplomatic or official relations with China can obtain a travel visa or landing visa upon arrival at the ports Haikou, the capital city of Sanya Hainan Island, and Sanya. Visitors wishing to stay more than 15 days can apply for an extension to their visa with appropriate reasons supplied to authorities.

But based on the latest policy, the following nations are not entitled for landing visa upon Sanya or Haikou Airport: USA, FRANCE, and middle East Countries including Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain. We don't recommend landing visa upon arrival as it happened a few times that the visitors were refused by the immigration officer and it costs a lot. So please get your visa ready in advance.

Visa Waiver Policy:

Starting from August.16th, 2010, 5 visitors traveling together (same arrival & departure date &  flight) from the following countries don't need visa to visit Hainan Island and they could stay as long as 15 days on Hainan Island only: Malaysia, USA, Thailand, UK, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore,  Australia, Indonesia, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Philippines, New Zealand, Finland, Demark, Norway, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 2 Visitors travelling together from South Korea, Germany and Russia could stay 21 days without visa.

To benefit from the this policy, tourists must book their travel schedule with qualified travel agencies in Hainan Island (including, and provide the following information 7 days in advance including name, birthday, nationality, passport no. and accommodation addresses as well as inbound and outbound travel details. The tour group must be met by qualified travel agency at the airport upon arrival and departure.  If members of the visa waiver tour group want to extend their stay in Hainan or travel to other parts of China, they should apply for visas in accordance to the law.

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