Sanya proposed to be built into a central tourist city in the South China Sea
Time:21-02-2013 views:2585
Sanya, as the only international tropical seashore tourist city in China, is striving to become a leader in the national marine tourism industry.

The general guidelines issued by the government have stressed that Sanya should become a world-class tropical marine tourist destination, a central tourism location and a transport hub in the South China Sea.

Global marine tourism trends trend are also very encouraging for Sanya’s tourism prospects during the golden period. Statistics show that marine tourism constitutes more than half of the overall tourism industry and is a strong contributor to international tourism development. Marine tourism is becoming the top choice for most travelers and going from strength to strength in the global tourist market.

Sanya was earliest city in China to develop its marine tourism, aided by its tourist resources and a natural environment comparable to world’s most beautiful destinations like Bali and Phuket.

Meanwhile, Sanya is well on its way to becoming a popular cruise destination in the South China Sea. According to the Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal, the number of cruise liners calling at the terminal has reached 380, bringing about 400,000 visitors. 

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