Hainan listed among top 10 cities in tourism revenue
Time:09-04-2013 views:2243 From:www.whatsonsanya.com
Hainan, which is being built into an international tourism island, has experienced rapid growth in its tourism revenue this year thanks to the government’s strict regulation of the tourism market.

Over the past three years, Hainan has received a total of 89.09 million overstay tourists, and the number of tourist arrivals has exceeded 30 million for the past two consecutive years, an annual increase of 13.8%.

During this year’s Spring Festival, Hainan attracted a total 1,904.800 tourist arrivals, with revenue reaching 5.671 billion yuan, ranking 10th among the 27 provinces.

The government has set up a long-term program to clean up the tourism environment, with measures including pricing restrictions on hotel room rates during major holiday periods and the levying of penalties and fines for malpractice.

To build it into a global attraction, the government is also developing diverse themed tourist products related to forests, shopping, cruises and yachting. Other key tourism projects and 5-star hotels are being constructed to enhance the area’s tourism and enrich  the travel experience.

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