Riyue Bay Wanning, best empty beach for surfing on Hainan Island
Time:27-04-2013 views:2459 From:www.hinews.cn
Many reporters get around Riyue Bay Wanning for celebrating Hainan as a province for 25 years on Apr.27th. Riyue Bay is 30 kilometers away from Downtown Wanning. It is warm, wet and sunny all the year. Its average temperature is 26.5° and average wave height is from 1-2 meters, not very high but very long and good for surfing.
Good time for surfing is from Sept. to Mar. second year. From 2005, Wanning has hold 3 times surfing festivals. Contests are mainly from Japan, USA, Australia, and Brazil. Local government will build Surfing Theme Park, Surfing Theme Attraction, and Surfing Real Estate in the future. Wanning vows to build a well-known surfing paradise.

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