3,000 taxi drivers in Sanya learn English to improve service quality
Time:20-09-2013 views:2349 From:www.whatsonsanya.com
An English Learning Program for taxi drivers operating throughout the City has been launched in Sanya.

The program is part of Sanya’s efforts to get its population speaking at least basic English and therefore helping to welcome the thousands of foreign visitors who flood to the city every year.

According to local transport bureau, being taxi drivers, their ability to communicate with foreign tourists in basic English will not only improve the quality of their service, but also act as a calling card for the city.

A total of over 3,000 taxi drivers across the city are being recruited and trained over the next 5 months for a English learning competition, which will be held in March next year to test the English-level of the taxi drivers. Taxi drivers with good performances in the competition will be rewarded handsomely

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