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Hainan Island Cities & Towns:
Haikou-Capital of Hainan Island & Commercial Center
Sanya-Only Tropical Beach Destination of China
Wuzhishan-Destination for tropical rainforest & Hainan Monority Culture
Wenchang: Home of Millions of Overseas Chinese
Boao Town: Permanent Host of Boao Asian Forum
Xinglong Town in Wanning: location of the biggest tropical botanical garden of China
More coming:
Qionghai Hainan Island, Baoting Hainan Island, Lingshui Hainan Island. Ledong Hainan Island
Hainan Island Express Train/Bulletin Trains/High Speed Train along the east coast from Haikou to Sanya, Wenchang, Qinghai, Wanning, Boao & Lingshui

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