Half Day Tour to Sanya Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling Park, Private Tour to Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling Park in Sanya Hainan 

Phoenix Hill Park or Fenghuangling Park in Chinese is located in Linchun Community, Longling Road Phoenix Road, Downtown Sanya, on a hill overlooking Sanya Town, Dadonghai Beach, Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay and Phoenix Islet. Phoenix Hill Park is the highest peak in Sanya city area at about 400 meters. Tourists could take cable car to reach the peak for around 10 minutes over hidden valleys and farmland.





The Legend of Sanya Phoenix Hill Park:

There was a couple lived in the village on the foot of Phoenix Hill. But they do not have any child until very old. One day, they save a wound green snake nearby a river. The snake rewarded them to have children. Several days later, the wife was pregnant. Nine months later, she gave a birth to twin babies, one is boy, the other is girl. But there is two horns on the head of the boy and tail for the girl. Villagers consider that the two babies are monster and that they will displease the god of the ocean. Therefore, villagers want to threw the two babies to the sea to offer sacrifices to the god. Definitely, the couple were very scared, then they move to stay in the forest with their children to escape hurt. But one day, two babies got fever, they have no choice but to go down hill to get doctor. On the way to the doctor, they were found by villagers. Villagers locked them in a cell until they starve to death. At this time, two babies were very sad and flew away from the hill. Villagers saw a dragon and a phoenix flew to the sky. They realized that the two children are dragon and phoenix! They were very regret, then buried the couple with good manner. From then on, they only eat vegetable for 3 years to show their guilty. 3 years later, the two children grew up and got the guilty from villagers. They forgave them and came back to the hill again. From then on, all the people lived in the village got a very good life because of the protection of dragon and phoenix.



Cost & Remark:

CNY350/person, min. 4 persons with round trip transfer by private car and admission fee with cable car. If you wish to have a English speaking staff for interpretation help, it costs CNY400/day, a professional English speaking tour guide cost CNY600/day.


Please book at least one day in advance before 3pm by email to caddie@sunnysanya.com or to make easy booking by phone call: +86-1380-7535-200.

Half Day Tour to Sanya Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling Park, Private Tour to Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling Park in Sanya Hainan Island.