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Climate of Wuzhishan Hainan Island: Typical Tropical Rainforest Climate in Wuzhishan

The climate of Wuzhishan is that of  a typical tropical rainforest, with many rain showers all year round. The average temperature is 22.6。degree’s centigrade (73 Fahrenheit) and the average rain is 1690MM. Wuzhishan is the best place to get rid of the heat from April to October on Hainan Island where the average temperature is 26 degree’s centigrade (79 Fahrenheit) in July. Yon don’t see many places in Wuzhishan with Air Conditioners as the temperature difference is around 10 degrees between Sanya & Wuzhishan. Winter time is a not cold at all with the average temperature being around 17 degrees centigrade(63 Fahrenheit), At it is tropical rainforest area, the average humidity is around 80% year round and rains almost every day in the afternoon or in the morning during the summer time (April-October).


Travel tips/Trip advise for visitors to Wuzhishan:  
• Bring an umbrella as rainstorms are a common occurrence in Wuzhishan! If you are climbing the five finger mountain, prepare your rain coat.
• Eat the Local Food, and the BBQ across from the Bus Station, go down the stairs across from the Bus Station.
• Bring your coat even it is hot when you leave Sanya. The temperature difference could be 10-15 degrees compared with Sanya.
• Wuzhishan is still very local place. Don’t expect any one in town to understand your English. But there is a university here there are many students who would love to help you and practice their English. The Qiongzhou University is right on the way to the Hainan Minority Museum.  

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Climate of Wuzhishan Hainan: Typical Tropical Rainforest Climate in Wuzhishan Hainan Island