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In Wuzhishan, you must stay in 2 places to get known about the area well: Wuzhishan City Center where you arrive by bus from Haikou or Sanya and Shuiman Town, a true local town from where you go climbing the Wuzhishan Mountain.


There are many small hotels in Wuzhishan cith center, most are not well managed with poor hygiene conditions. After personal investigation, Caddie would like to recommend the following 3 hotels in Wuzhishan city center and 2 hotels in Wuzhishan/Five Finger Mountain.


Hotels in the city center of Wuzhishan/Five Finger Mountain:  


Wuzhishan Zhujiang Crystal Hotel

Wuzhishan Zhujiang Crystal Hotel

a super new resort right in the center of Wuzhishan Mountain, your choice of modern comfort with easy access to the city center of Wuzhishan, walking distance to local restaurants, bars, shops and Wuzhishan Bus Stop.


Wuzhishan Tourism Resort

Wuzhishan Tourism Resort:

a local hotel with long history ( over 20 years) and beautiful garden. The Chinese Restaurant of the Resort is also a very place to taste the best local food at reasonable prices, but no English menu


Wuzhishan Jadeite Valley Eco Resort

Wuzhishan Jadeite Valley Eco Resort:

Located in the Taiping Valley, about 20 minutes walking distance to the city center of Wuzhishan for local shops, restaurants and bars. The surrounding area is very quiet with lush tropical rainforest. And the hotel itself is a big tropical garden.


Tropical Rainforest Resort in Wuzhishan Five Finger Mountain

Wuzhishan Yatai Rainforest Resort

Wuzhishan Yatai Rainforest Resort

right in the Wuizhishan Tropical Rainforest, so far, the best hotel in Wuzhishan Area, about 30 minutes driving distance from Wuzhishan City Center. A tropical resort up to the standard of a modern 5 star hotel with western food (limited choice), but very good local food


Wuzhishan Shuimanyuan Hotel

Wuzhishan Shuimanyuan Hotel: best choice for budget stay  in Wuzhishan Five Finger Mountain in Shuiman Town with western toilet, hot water in the center of Shuiman Town, walking distance to Wuzhishan Five Finger Mountain hiking trail.


Why a visit to the Wuzhishan Mountain is a must for those who are interested in eco-trips, local minority culture?

• To experience a real tropical rainforest in China
• To visit one of the last few natural "Li and Miao" Villages that is not Tourist based!
• To experience exciting River Rafting on Hainan Island
• To stay in a place where you don’t hear traffic, only bird’s singing and water falls.
• To taste real & authentic local Hainan food (not from a factory)


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