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Wuzhishan Hainan Island Travel Plan, Wuzhishan Tour Guide, Wuzhishan Sightseeing Guide, Wuzhishan Hainan Travel Tips, Things to do in Wuzhishan


Why a visit to the Wuzhishan Mountain is a must for those who are interested in eco-trips, local minority culture?

To experience a real tropical rainforest in China
To visit one of the last few natural "Li and Miao" Villages that is not Tourist based!
To experience exciting River Rafting on Hainan Island
To stay in a place where you don’t hear traffic, only bird’s singing and water falls.
To taste real & authentic local Hainan food (not from a factory)



Climbing Wuizhishan Mountain:

Wuzhishan is tropical rainforest, so mountain climbing is the most important thing to do during your Wuzhishan Trip. The entrance fee costs CNY50/person. There are 2 paths: one is easier one with wooden steps ready and it takes around 2 hours for round trip. The other is really challenge which takes 4-6 hours to be at one of the summits, and around 2 hours coming down.  To climb Wuzhishan Mountain, you must visit Shuimantown first. The best option is to stay one night in Shuimanyuan hotel and climb the mountain the next morning. It is really challenge of your energy and courage, so we recommend this trip to the strong tourists, not for family with aged or young kids less than 12 years old.


River Rafting: operated by the same owner at Shuimanyuan hotel, river rafting is also interesting in Wuzhishan, around 4 hours along Nansheng River. But it depends on the weather conditions. It is only available in summer raining season. On weekdays, this service is available for group of min. 30 pax, and on weekend during summer raining season, it is possible to have this tour, and cost is around CNY200/person.


Local Li Village: Chubao Village is a natural li village with around 300 people. The village is about 30 minutes driving from Shuiman town, you have to hire a car from local and visit there. It is a natural village, so you may witness a wedding, a funeral or a family gathering.


Rainforest Hiking: If climbing Wuzhishan is too much for you, then a easy walking in the tropical rainforest is a good choice for you. The entrance fee is around CNY50/person, and the tours takes around 1.5 hours.


Hainan Minority Museum: located in Wuzhishan Town,  the museum is a good place to know more about Hainan Minority and Hainan's history. Some exhibitions are in English, but most are in Chinese. So it is better to book a tour guide with us in advance at CNY600/day.


Wuzhishan Strolling: if none of the above fits you, then the best is to stay in Wuzhishan Town or Shuiman Town, and explore the city, the town on your feet. As Wuzhishan is not popular destination for tourists to Hainan Island, it still keeps a real Hainan flavor.


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Wuzhishan Hainan Island Travel Plan, Wuzhishan Tour Guide, Wuzhishan Sightseeing Guide, Wuzhishan Hainan Travel Tips, Things to do in Wuzhishan